25 Best SEO Tips To Rank #1 On Google in 2021

This is a TikTok mashup of my top 25 best SEO tips to rank your website higher on Google in 2021! This is your year to dominate local SEO!
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Best SEO Tips Timestamps:
00:00 What most SEO agencies won’t tell you
00:41 My Favorite SEO Chrome extension
01:09 How to rank a new website on Google
01:25 3 easy backlink strategies
02:12 The easiest backlink strategy
02:27 How to find any website’s top ranking pages
02:42 The fastest way to index a new page on Google
02:58 How to find any website’s top keywords
03:13 Where to put keywords in your blog articles
04:12 Get more reviews to increase your local SEO
04:27 My favorite SEO content strategy
04:58 Another amazing SEO Google Chrome extension
05:13 Top 3 SEO tips for 2021
06:12 Best Shopify SEO strategy
07:02 700+ websites you can get backlinks from
07:46 How to optimize your blog articles
08:46 How to add an SEO title and meta descriptions for Google search
09:45 How to turn your YouTube videos into blog articles
10:22 Follow this exact SEO strategy to grow online
11:21 My top secret local SEO hack
12:06 How I tripled a website’s Google search traffic
12:56 Repurpose TikTok videos on google My Business
13:37 Use artificial intelligence to write blog articles
13:50 A little known SEO hack
14:05 How to leverage TikTok for SEO
14:20 Try this Google video hack for SEO

Want more great SEO tips? Watch this tutorial next on how to embed a brand new website onto Google FAST https://youtu.be/syXKq9mfguU

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