5 Video Marketing Tips To Get More Leads For Your Business in 2020 (Recorded Webinar)

In this recorded webinar, you’ll discover 5 Video Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Business in 2020.
Video presentation for the SMX Growth Summit: The Orange Basket Method: How To Grow Your Business With Video Marketing (Fast)*

⏱ Time codes (5 Video Marketing Tips To Get More Leads For Your Business in 2020)
00:00 INTRO
00:40 The Story of Julia Tuttle and the basket of Oranges
03:56 The truth about content saturation
08:35 Tip 1 – A myth and a bad habit with video marketing
10:41 Tip 2 – The video marketing equipment you need
13:26 Tip 3 – The videos you need to create
20:10 Tip 4 – How to generate endless sources of video content
25:02 Tip 5 – Preparation & scripting for your videos
27:26 My final thoughts: “Perfect is the Enemy of Good!”


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Antoine is a recognized expert and strategist in digital marketing. He’s an award-winning marketing agency owner and a speaker at national & international conferences. He combines 18 years in marketing and 15 years in the hospitality industry. His first job out of college was working for Gordon Ramsey in London at Le Gavroche.

Antoine travels the world sharing his strategy and methodology to marketers and business owners. His goal is to improve lead generation and business growth via his proven marketing strategies. As a result, he is an in-demand consultant on discovering the strategies that work.

His past clients include Office Depot, Unilever, The Sports Authority, Habitat for Humanity. Recent appearances include presentations at INBOUND18, PRINT18, MPI WEC 2018 & Digitalium 2018 (Romania) and many others.

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