LIVE Q&A: Celebrate the END of 2020 with Wes!

Wanna geek out with me about all things digital marketing for 90 minutes?

Come hang out with me and feel free to pick my brain with your most burning digital marketing questions…for free.

Last time we had thousands of other small business owners jump on the opportunity.

Normally to get your questions answered by me on a 1-1 call costs $400 (and my prices are going up very soon).

But the YouTube lives are something special that I love to give back with.

Now’s your opportunity to get clear on your 2021 gameplan.

You can ask me…
**What website conversion tactics are trending now.
**What are the hottest plug-ins to save you more time and money.
**What kind of ads convert the best right now
**New ways to grow your e-mail list.
**How I grew my YouTube channel from 0-100,000 subscribers

I’ve learned so much over the last 12 months so I can’t wait to share my secrets with you.

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