Monitor and Improve Web Performance with HAProxy

1 ok that at 5 rue forget coming soon is a bridge introduced by taf and at proxi ai at proxi de berry famous indicates swan of the most use is at open source the other swing everybody use it flow of balancing leaves them a wanted to show you that i can do much more than not bannantyne indulge in dope rests offers thin ice trust sessions and at proxi and my computer and bring your life of words has rotten the gang many problems zaouïah force iam baptiste as my one and the nintendo made at proxi haye work in the company with no name is it chez proxi technology which is the company which at develop mountain and at proxi community un d'un mec business with each porter morlaix so we have to man producers in application delivery controller witches to the complainant you may have lathered five in ethics and their survival compete with them and this one and we also have the enterprise produced witches software you can use to lose balance verisilicon ofer applications it was in any case connected with that we have website twitter a lot of stuff if you want to texan pictures therefore strong get to copy myself photocopies to see twitter when you have that we can't seem to my children later than we be happy saw one by open source ayew jolie people considers contributing to open source contributing code and since code isin 6h00 chez proxi which is pure lives and drive and it's quite complicated titou to produce men executives stupid to just want to remember you that contributing to open source is not any contributing code contributing to open source and the author things you can participate to de mailing list you can drive blog post on what ever open source software you love you channel people you can report bugs or cannes anything you can do yes childs whatever open source note speaking about it at proxi only whatever open source using anything you can do and their important to the sonas do something in your number of the committee indecisive radio producer producers is going to be better and better la tra or open source works will he save might not only god whatever you can provide he should important same thing important adrian winter introduce of your innate stuff at proxi are therefore blige apply on your architecture what i'm going to introduce there is very complicated i'm in each applications rich network that each operating system u are using art different sauces and think thank you proposed the value thank you are not be the one that you may lead in your ignore environment that said if you need help not hesitate to contact de mailing list henri could see reapply stoner promises did not avoid everything contact of rivals supportes piura view tweedy glasses because you will see that the picture avery amazing it takes a shackle of twizy glasses will see something else which is amazing atwell remembers at 10.6 non exhaustive presentation and at proxi this very well as the very white features is this can be used in very wild time of new age and so there is a lot of that i'm not going to man show you can do you do with each fc sochaux lab a music joker on my computer à hi he had some problems with the curse os x tiger woods au coeur de heart changelog stuff and sometimes it break servicing so that the paint ou un ipod touch and proxy if you take configuration far from each proxyone from 0.8 at force india and now it works with it at proxi in't hout pointe et sixtine yes guaranteed the backyard compatibility sow docker high reduce offered to toyer of revolving lot n things they are learning from the fame de france beginning the form of beginners side be music docker there was at proxi will have your web server undeniable joker containers that will be my 6 the observer american century logs indicates andrew sound of hand and bring to monsters and you all of this quickly as well at proxi works soigne at proxi williams is with us there's a proxy nearby at high as one connection with aux clientes another connection with the server inde et chez proxi will stand between bastos ans basso says this is to say participate login the one in washington camp from trail to side in a box and valentin from serverside subasic hajduk and speak ipli fort et pivi 6 andy klein side are you can speak ipli fort et bbc de serverside totally decorated we use it lot fortier asvel imaging week ssl vitry servers and all for an internet all is at proximal frontal fit bauxite configuration or tools it however is everything at proxi wild or if it is authorized sslv3 client with our servers on you can play this on any time of protocol than we can we can we can deliver a visit to proxi or to proxi split into parts the front and which is the by twitch tox tous deux clientes in the back and which is parts which took to the server and windows on ten is at proxi where he must have hot potato packages of hot potato because of the pretty people think that and at proxi 6 package either at proxi folder ni package and at proxi the notebooks proxy of the christopher fort package aggregate is at proxim to be at proxi will see this association indices in what a girl the hot potato are basic in lyon de fontaine this is where you're going to define the way you want to listen round traffic colleagues the time of flandr racing statistics and the back and this is where you you're going to configure checking in the other curry balancing algorithm Mechanism to the roadster a match now undergo this day to g in mind the in the tribune by ton for the next next up sauvage chez proxi we saw that it's time between the lines and server and this strategic lock is positioned in your architecture because it will be able to report lot of training in two clients side and server side or report a training pherson internal states sofa example what is a state of the server ocs miniconi chandio server sales put urban connections back and are you going ayew blablabla au ladhof can be reported can be used within at connection proxi best weekend report we are training base jumper of high connection expectations the number of rite jairo dispatch we will see hobbit there and hate de cession best which is more in asia and chippis this week-end report will name freewest number of bytes number of everything which has not desired at proxi 0 sundhoffen which is quite in christine gasoil is the time since of the association so that immportant troy newman all for servers maintenance and you know that session is alive in your application server for ten minutes he does at proxitel 12 announced sean bean forward to server for the last and the 20th minute you know that you can't Thursday in big to the basics of the world that he is neither to use his choices so we have also are a balsa curing algorithm load balancing algorithm training at world of the farm in this will be done right there they will be able to collect all of this and then we can't read statistics using all different methods out defense onignies the unit socket solid sheet or nixon we call it do youn xo quest of this we can make it listen anticipated as well and even over ssl sur if i want to use chez proxi à nortel net en rise au qatar whatever they use it you can a better jump exports statistics redhead stage web page pages more or less than win configure everything chip immediately chaillou exactly what works for hours rapinât law customer yoav snmp which is enabled quickly as we can reduce of single socket socket stage pastous de socket anatole adverline pale you can do the same louisa thiellay wifi connection want to seifert graphic to you stats socke came can do it and we can also have stade paige so that the latest code sleepless nights ayabe aisan 2,5 brought me these tuque certificates on stage the blind side of the traffic and i'm gone to listen and sport for suis news that certificate it for this purpose of course and at proxi supports the blind side certificate is sure you want mutual authentication showcase is at proxim his client toiture date nobody's collecting statistics for you you can configure proxies to ask for cliente certifi cat and you configure klein certificate and union in your own kind of this is the time of the furs des mots enjoy since he don't use openstack and my computer openstack they inhabit heavy for my computer iamgold style develops this detail the development of the light of day care and we used to use may cry the lot adata everything is automated within mayer by may cry savage and cali iron 9:10 word exercise one and is going to start up killed the existing container there is a new start up of the container either it will take coming to the stage pages are means which is here we don't see any traffic is stupid we can see that we have come back by configuring sums fountain configure and we can see that we have one applications server 1u beltre et is green which means that which means that the successful server smiles past the el cheikh a be with paul of commons are basic halliwell we do benchmark its application be strong mothers we have to take off benchmark one is however the website with the number of coheris father second as much as i can say you jolie it works and another test switches interesting et le spike the sudden spike sow with injector and going to send to this mini African crises father second and with my edge titi perf tools and going to happen one time connection or five hundred in the key users of five hundred connections in the same thing to do servers in the one curie on scene each of the connection anti what happens in from subasic servers ali al sync is so toulouse at this inject his manager it is running in fact is to meet you it's over western honor and cyprus website so the most a door a column in the green one and a bear offering hope second in mesh applications on just game says it needs refresh neistat page we can see that some web traffic ce passing through the website everything seems to work smoothly so let's try the next is a mailing and chippis can offer himself and chili father-son going to happen fagan holy connection right denis one creepers connection to naked can't think that some of the crisis at the finish line five hundred this day applied choice louis children properly to flee you places of connections per second fells or interviews of spike coming to sun server applications will see how we can feel that something important and that in the state's page wild 6 0 sofop remove the mouth everybody everywhere at the stage power reserve number witches underlined du rab some more statistics i'm in more and more and more and we can see that the hundred and fortify fort ladies tournament fifty fort errors we had cheese factory perf are here in stat page obs so that the conclusion of this side it has cities isilon between behind the underline numbers so that was in case of my body is not work so now i'm going to speak about love being so we saw that et chez proxi the volt or report lot of statistics be down yz yes yes when six head at proxi only jump and bolt to report lot of in formation within the noise sociologist in fact at proxi are very verbose remember it stand between you cliente à niort servers you julie williamson customer or disabled I love / you can do it takes all around town person of shipping sun times when we want or trouble shoot or irigny de l'ogs 1 of the first state mcgill round mailing list is diva on their friends new report bugs orio report would be your hands and we're going to tell you please we need the log so by then we see that sociologist scanpix figure of in the global section redone at proxim the global section you say you configure where you look servers archontes located sun then address anticipate yport rue des pipots rue des pipots for now this is you will come later unworthy of 10% bakken section this is where du configure world title films training all log soyouz jolie everybody knows is the default et ch'tite epilogue formate battu can also constituants du rhône look strong match using directive rohs the name is love trainer doctors are so when you did i find your love formate try to respect de hattstatt epilogue format because we have been so that later with jools which does you to report to get haulotte made a pharmacist car large hur live traffic socli of global section will tie the observer to will smile beans to different sections and options and epilogue worry about sale age of booty footing and in the different sections of the studies have fractured pettitte and well as soon as in the default section dit will be applied to all the wrong turn back end up to the next default section on aghmani channel dit paul adult section jackpot on logging options laugh new delhi where she takes care of time out that we were shown that everything will work smoothly we can also split the love in this is usually what we do the one qu en speed the log traffic logs 1 and 29 so what we mean by trafic y est ni traffic passing through and at proxi monday event is one health check this feeling except like this was that because we're just over the hundreds of thousands of ricco hope second said you have one servers felling this is looking for one of a dinner for training which is a few giggs are definitive better to peace lines indicated by the way we split de l'ogre exists you can't configure the rescue sis the observer all local log 0 and file a local one in other games week in design all log edge of you have des options of which claude normal is 6 in fact so you know 10 in gray we can also decide to not logs you know the brothers the new feature pre-collection feature which connect to your application server without being anything lensois yohan ressources it used for nothing and at proxi will report for wait and we had some users complaining to our mailing list is in that their boss complaisent because they have a lot of error and statistics which are not & roll because that the connection the connection which has been establish without any trafic so we have the therefore log in north prods that you can't handle double statistics 08 10 at worst from you from your graff 1,200 your boss will be happy because of watch coming or he's dead in your application you also have initial which does you to decide what you want to log soleil beam simpl example decide to set global water of each request or silent except that nsm french lsc url is done crowbar for example that way to lose you to love all your dynamic canoe traffic crisis to what ever content q cannes connect from the edge equipped with traffic so what we're going to find in the log line meline formation sauce not sign chez proxi the past mins witch mountain which back and which they ever in the back and clyde is a formation of the number of death ride of life is the most important of parts and the terminal china state 106 termination status will let you know it hurts the Kurds or not a deal of problems for the Kurds was it and clyde side and server side was it because of time out with it because of network connection issia wazi you have the ring and their son of hafez blah blah blah the other is doing a training date when you have we are just doing it's wet at this quizz cndd aux log in and within the log the anvar going to tell you exactly what happens will use in glock formate directive week-end login e-type a formation from the scenes from the ss l ortie ls traffic and we of music to run some kind of audits have had if it is a water at high pay before exactions is coming to solwezi aux kurds and soon as many people want to mix menniti and certificates and on the same as you can do it only if all of clients from certify to me that in scene of the scenes to a formation is at proxi can be used to run this town of audit un but casquette chez proxi to love this and high rider user agent a nui no exactly which useradgents [ __ ] sending jsn elsewhere note says you can mix multiple certificate is wrong record worst note it's over so as we are going to make it chez proxi logging beats in jackson traffic and we're going to see what happened just to you bunk some his blog line up demo all ok soan bring to generate the bit of traffic somail syslog server is here this is not in treating for now this is it s the morning be with get with a user there had been request flowing a penny of index servers is my head at proxi bloodlines looking forward to the important most of you don't understand and things get back my my brain and would say is now trainer logelheim indicates the reason error they say the blind with a spot it to you like they do exactly what happened subasic alice de termination status ironman shopping pleasure you can log in italy profit from their dialogues ni taiwo things i want is everything will be in shadow students sociologist line is very important one thing edinautes mansion suhner and that within this love can do you have the city connections time between chez proxim de servers you now looking for the client to send and chippis request roland guy any force of servers any process the response and start sending zurich a response you know all of this we also know the number of connexion aux servers asia times online of disease in formation important ship because when you are going to contact singh hawai a problem in my application need is love when it's so we are going to tell you exactly when one ok sun the three do not win sums crisis within the base ringers of the center of 100 hip hop happy with the work look at so we can see that we have a lot of war is coming her husband jay-z using random your hands and my [ __ ] up and servers and configure themselves to answer positive y turn between two walls she this weekend grab so this is this hippie connection times her husband network thinks he can properly on my way back fortune is him a desire this is wrong longhi any force of servers any response process is a small ingleby this is not or l application by 2010 since reply to britten myself indicates computers running is square root series white collar others because it's very easy to complete waneux for sale the one two compute between you have you need second round in parallel it would be green is complicated was in epub format in date that's why the second test is very interesting this second test is why is one eye inject up is why is one eye open but it files right of connection a drawing of maiwand query over reach connection so we see that we still adherents that it flows now where it there was at proxi logging and we can see that this is the time for is at proxi to establish anticipates a connection to the subasic server at the iso saturated servers it is more or less here we can see colombia tout for the server to process the response layton right 6 6 3 milliseconds what happens hurry but the app performs wellwood test in numbers crisis per second which is fine mesh applications in our city at all whites rights and that the world off queries a parallel this when your own testing when you tests on application number of corps hope second interesting this one will kill your application from field testing indifferently to the heart of the six wipe in fatah can bring to run iam note so we can be no look at two stages pages at stage pj say that as we have some traffic yes if the absent mirrors sahima this before na or led concealer that it's the capacity problem can be seen taiwan all soft since its capacity problem we are openstack we just ask for more servers and again either jan hauser demo or hérail have for servers and are willing to run exactly the sims is tattooed and handcuffed shillings either at proxi at start i myscript men to started for servers il file cobac a in a world for servers and my farm and i'm going to read my head chip hyper test and let you what happens to errors the disappeared wonderful his rhythm in that it's the capacity problem when this is what you think so i'm philo et chez proxi user un down readings e mailing list 1 from aib reading the blog whatever to nice a had fear of one day that and at proxi the magic zone future wife born mismacque this kon souayah prepared another lab a jump to the max as parameter and bring to experience in this light after he don't want to to reveal by secret 'sohail create new lab where ngwenya ronnie wood server and i'm going to allow at proxi to start curing crisis at its player purpose of kings at it slayer and 10 note all saturated with servers where there is a highlander tower of connection because what we soccer between the applications of our cam in term of number of conan parallel shenzhen be emery sending exactly the same traffic marie faye 23 connection to na waïe oats servers only iphone figure keuning to head at proxi besides a mail server in our reporter ni error animals are basic ali it was not scalability under hypnosis death protection by limiting its offer on 600 auger servers to protect know this is not magic edocs this is not magic absorber this was well solex x-plane game remember oui avec chez proxi one connection with the cliente one connection with the server and at proxi can am and hope break is to be your network tac you public facing network sac is chez proxi soffer to have to configure properties networks tac aux notebooks lesson sneers about sum if hold and his players but ted at proxi of self he purpose lee britten all accept a turn in 2 the owner has number of connections per second this is what we do when we hope and five hundred in one by one micro seconds andré luiz and one core i know this hard connection application server is not my world is what ever applied chagnaud using it's not made for this et chez proxi where he accepts all the connection 26 we are taking it took use the queen is going to one only of your number of connection of our servers what happened in sure server server in our process lot of parallel kitchen so it will be faster to process itx crisis said at proxi will be able to any more and more crisis in parallel drums the small number in total solfège gobac rire subasic ali also at the limits which is here said connection between sleep and proxi has prevented the server from processing and request in parallel to remorse et ris ques in parallel we can't hear that we hold up to form jawad ninety all crisis hind tube the fact which would the traffic and others to protect the server lodoss to make the server to one wish a jazz to all the queen we had so that very important from our mistakes social animals the reason another important wichser tip on when you are here we r who we are on lan his client this very faste and at proximus wall to do what we call discipline and chippis buffering so what is it and chippis reid at the speed of the server and deliver at the speed of the cliente of the junior client has one more and more traffic is 'mobile' his humor the attention of once-strong customers from output milliseconds two two hundred maybe more waiters attention as soon as the server and sword and smoke les seconds so you don't want to block connection evening few milliseconds strong nothing milliseconds the blind side in the server has already process the response either at proxi will get work response from the server story team buffer recycled connection will be nozer cliente du ring the time is going to push the response to the airplane to worry about from proxi gaza adorno to the likes quid the thresholds at your edge modern and performing towards the ity mine purpose its and any tzipi connection buffer manager between role of connection to it excites me rigaudeau derivatives so now is seen that is at proxi in twin bowls proves or to protect our server application web google are also rare we can monitor the response time and as we can find out where the problem was exactly in our application so let's go with odimo number three self style rabin ku servers just two to play with 1 you are happy but sad is inject evening justin genting are traffic lake before performing if the beat slower india a jump with this to know why can't sort mail servers by respond style so we can see that there have more or less than response times m arbitrators flowers of fame it's not that you do and with his two eyes kahn sort de gueures she yawns response times as an example we can see that some of them are quite slow and some of those of static once avery faste for example so we know that it's not server and static self problems because they are content winter hard and quick and morlaix this problem with india plication a feat identical that there is one thing that stings the next eczema demo or just spit of dynamic static traffic un jazz swing the difference they want to do so when we speak with plie de traffic from dynamic all static we have we can see that the response time of the application there for example the match slower have applications of server application nine subasic allison company customers gates world The wait if zen this is the one way we should have look for those who use elastic search qui banana ou joe stack you can't even graff url response team loses backend servers fear whatever annezin statistical collection 110 street things have some video on you tube all that you seen the topics is monitoring performing a proving hymn performing sandrine touchera why can improve efficient are basic and behind you have my application server running in who come when they come saw themselves from kevin likes me that because they have some kind of networking win bischoff them and in become Maillard purpose the mails of wick network tac india we are going to see what happens to afford am starting at zavvi m le starting and at proxi as well fargo bac finally rue frais obs a back and forth setting down down the demo effect is it okay hockey inglett restart hockey a lookalike friends starting north-mali hockey coming up like the we fight the demo effect so as you know my server and what i'm going to do that i'm going to send my one tyson connecting to servers elsewhere writes a drink to play the sign trafic en est chez proxi and we'll see what happened to so the name of the server and one servers and you pose to know that ok the title ok so high cents à you paint houses and cry server it took force of servers tri seconds 3 milliseconds thuan evening all the wanted and tourism know i'm going to do the same on est chez proxi at 9:10 am exact this is my mentors desired traffic at proxi 25-12 kring mechanism response team fast hours one second force five jumps purpose of this man the application i just to azaïs is saturated and the servers henriquez it costs bivb bemore it costs billès there is always the bottom nec either they worked database between my country script trap but networks the west bottleneck somewhere in your application ni de cuts bio piracy code it could be you database server it could be the network connection between you kaïdi gold is at proxim speech and proxiad pied du pinger database it costs 10 file system behind database could be what ever and at proxi wilb bolt or at protector application to make you response and faster to protect killer week apply this young amine azan attacker it easy to bras or on websites thus at the seated at slash search engine text and time to answer at the return response and other url on if i want what our website and wind to you this url is a time in crisis and who says you did you and customers with you will be santa here are back and to protect the weak application week url du route on wii who would have missed a mechanized sumptuous mechanism to protect our application in beziers so yat-sen conclusions what is at nearby canes protector applications and can improve the response team humblezh harrison magic inc young and that was in case of housing is 0.65 important said our merchandise at 5 6 in the logs of jury what we do when we expect to customer the intruders fixed world for improve it plis ké shon that said we want you have a problem somewhere the longest art is not in fixing the problem is in trouble shooting take one world all rebel shoot five minutes fixed rate is near where he reduced strobel footing parts twitter or server few your hands off you what ever at nationale du havre et deuce to the scope then you can ask either the network engineer this ingenious system the developer e dba whatever turn to come at the pattern that has been reported one of fix it all those magic feature are available in the community version so has compagnie ivan if we do business with it at proxi open source yes he know commitment to the committee's to the basics feature related to load balancing high availability and chippis processing the actor will be all ways in the committee and other slope and chez proxi don't lie à it is not here to say you julie we use it had customers to two kinds of problems nicholson time there is right between the developer and the network engineering team everybody things that the problem come from another one or another one that is quite like a threshold where julie we say don't worry don't fight aids that means let's have no 4 à 2 à de l'ogs a dit chez proxi will tell you what happens in one care il attend network have applied young people it will tell you exact and your industrial appetite has good sources and once again it non exhaustive presentation we can do much more than that if there is nicholson nope its it was exhaustive yes sold out on ipod iphone yes like andorra strong ssl performance of moral questions in north-mali in your site you a record the good things with her and this old gold not it does not make it is not important the walls if you know your world behind the ninth nice stuff there will be hypervisor there suppose everything explode his joy line come back it was my turn 1 and at proxi 9th which is good because 5 to that you can't do hardware acceleration ni ninth sacre marketing les excellentes so when you have this way is nigh instruction the best is to use j6m whatever seifert because of jcm fighters will tell your penis sl library to use y ayez its instructions ok there will be the week and cipher fight league of traffic using and yes to enjoy fifties xj6 m whatever with one core at parties at proxi there is a new day basware which has been made in the contribution francisco is one to the interested parties who have revisited complicated type of content from francs from serverside 1 dared rare some new here sidi try here said she smiles which are quite famous advantage of his there said that the keys computed half by the cloud by the server 1 to 10 at proxi elsewhere and mean that you can't compute fifteen times more than they to louise rsr so notorious of clients [ __ ] compatible advantage in fact at proxi that you can't foot dur certificate is in new york in here and it is hard certificate is a wall that hindi and it is an automatic ali and at proxi where it detects iso client isabelle to speak and try only either going to deliver the saiki at the ritz going to speak and sidya say and going to deliver the city is out minutes here says try certificate and huguette much more which computation breakthrough when we question because after its a lease of forget and the holding a pitch that makes me login file yes login syslog servers that said in each food and you can't you can at the log ipad rai sport and you can't you can force one fontaine to go to one servers and you want you can do that father border and new york question ok otherwise ayabe ayako will be built manufacture of canada while this

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